Fifteen gallon

We try to update our inventory bi-weekly to provide our customers with a general idea of current plants in stock. Our ever-growing list of plants and plant materials is subject to change and may not reflect what we currently have in-store. We recommend calling ahead to our nursery number (619-590-1025) to confirm whether or not we have what you are looking for in stock.

Botanical Name                               Common Name                       In Stock

Brahea armata                                 Mexican blue fan palm                       5
Washingtonia robusta                    Mexican fan palm                              15
Grandulosa torreyana                    Mesquite prosopis hybrid                15
Calocedrus decurrens                    Incense cedar                                       5
Strelitzia nicolai                              Giant bird of paradise                       10
Acer palmatum                                Japanese Maple                                  5
Lauraceae                                         Avocado tree                                        5
Archontophoenix cunnin.             King palm                                            25
Dracaena draco                               Dragon Tree                                         5
Purple smoke tree                              5
Yellow bird of paradise                     5
Fern pine                                             15
Tasmanian tree fern                          5
Citrus tree                                           16


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