Five gallon

We try to update our inventory bi-weekly to provide our customers with a general idea of current plants in stock. Our ever-growing list of plants and plant materials is subject to change and may not reflect what we currently have in-store. We recommend calling ahead to our nursery number (619-590-1025) to confirm whether or not we have what you are looking for in stock.

Botanical Name                       Common Name                        In Stock

Polygala                                     Sweet pea shrub                                 20
Rosmarinus officinalis           Upright rosemary                               35
Rhaphiolepsis                           Indian hawthorne
Artemesia                                  Pomis Castle                                       20
Euonymous                              Gold Spot                                             60
Pittosporum                             Wheelers dwarf                                   15
Phormium                                Bronze flax                                           20
Rosmarinus officinalis           Rosemary                                             20
Elaeocarpus decipiens           Japanese Blueberry tree                    10
Rhaphiolepsis                          Indian hawthorne                               20
Rosmarinus officinalis           Coast rosemary-white                        10
Rosmarinus officinalis           Coast rosemary-blue                          10
Hemerocallis                            Daylilly                                                  35
Nerium Oleander                    Oleander                                               30
Dracaena draco                       Dragon tree                                          20
Agavaceae                                 Cordyline                                              10
Carissa macrocarpa                Natal Plum                                            15
Arctostaphylos                        Pajaro manzanita                                 10
Olea europaea                         Fruitless olive tree                               25
Nandina domestica nana      Heavenly bamboo                               35
Prunus caroliniana                 Carolina laurel cherry                        50
Cinnamomum camphor        Camphor tree                                       20
Calocedrus decurrens             Incense Cedar                                      10
Lagerstroemia indica             Crape myrtle                                         55
Acer palmatum                        Japanese maple                                   25
Duranta erecta                         Skyflower                                              10
Arbutus unedo                         Strawberry tree                                    10
Punica Granatum                    Pomegranate                                        40
Buddleja                                    Butterfly bush                                       10
Leucophyllum                          Texas ranger                                         20
Nerium oleander                     Oleander                                                10
Psidium cattleianum              Strawberry guava                                 15
Trachelospermum                  Star jasmine                                          30
Pheonix canariensis               Canary island date palm                     10
Grevillea                                   Hummingbird bush                             40
Leptospermum laevigatum   Australian tea tree                               20
Cotoneaster glaucophyllus    Cotoneaster                                           30


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