Our business

Rancho Valhalla Nursery is a family-owned and operated 4-acre paradise of plants, landscape vignettes, fountains and ponds. Located in the heart of east county, our nursery is situated in a prime location for growing healthy, vibrant plants. We supply plants and products for contractors, homeowners, gardeners and plant collectors alike. We have everything from succulents to cactus, tropicals, water plants, perennials, annuals, vegetables, fruit trees, shade trees and ornamentals. We also carry pottery, garden accents, fertilizers, soil and soil-amendments, bark, seeds, and gardening supplies.  We invite you to come take a stroll through our property and visit our fish pond and waterfall.

What sets us apart from other big retailers is that we grow a large portion of our plants on-site. This cuts down on the number of times a plant changes hands during its grow process, assuring that it has been properly cared for by our own nursery staff. This enables us to provide our customers the finest plant products at prices far below the competition.

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